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Cari Studenti, anche per questo anno si rinnova l'iniziativa della Student Competition. 

SAVE THE DATE! 2-7 Maggio 2017

Costo: 450-500 € (da definire esattamente). 

Crediti riconosciuti: 4 CFU in SECSP08 (Economia e Diritto dei Consumi) + English. 

Di seguito una comunicazione più dettagliata (in lingua inglese in quanto condivisa con gli altri partner). 

Seguiranno ulteriori informazioni. 



Dear Students,

Last year some of you have attended the first International Student Competition on “Place Branding and mediterranean diet” in Marche Region. Their experience was very positive; this year we are going to take part to the second edition of the International Student Competition.

Our University took part to the competition with 4 students and, of course, me. One of the student was in the team that won the competition. Beside the award this experience was successfully for many reasons: we got in touch and some other projects have been developed, included a field based dissertation that will be discussed next July.

As you probably know, since last august several earthquakes in Central Italy have changed a bit our land and the atmosphere during this winter time, but now there is an even greater willingness to re-start and re-build not only the historical beauties, but even the social relationships. Participants will be hosted in rural areas; this would help local actors (agritourism facilities, restaurants, farmers, etc…) to increase a bit their crushed income and it can be a real source of empowerment for the whole local community.

This year Prof. Tommy Andersson and Don Gets will join us and will give seminars with Sanja Vujicic (co-author with them of “Foodies and Food Tourism” ) and Anja van Hout, international expert of IGCAT and advisor for the North Brabant region for the European Region of Gastronomy award .

Also Prof. Massimo Giovanardi from University of Leicester will be there as guest speaker as well.

Whilst we are still planning the detailed programme that should not vary so much from that of last year ((the website with the old edition is still there:, but soon there will be another one available), you can start taking note of dates (2-7 may) and fees for this year (450 € for students – all included).

We will have seminars in the morning and field trips + teamworking.

For LM61 students there will be credits: 4 CFU in SECSP08 (Economia e Diritto dei Consumi) + English.

English proficiency is a must: lessons will be in English and you are supposed to work with international students in English.

The aims of this year students competition will be:

a) Understanding  the potential of food and gastronomy as elements of place branding and local development

b) Understanding the potential of ICT and social media to boost the reputation of a rural area

c) Elaborating innovation and development strategies and paths for the local association of entrepreneurs and practitioners (who will host, share, discuss, feed us during these days)

d) For us, as a community of scholars, it will be a great chance to know each other, as well as our expertise and projects, and to plan future research and teaching activities

At the end, every community (scholars, students and stakeholders) will have the chance to get something (in addition to food, wine, etc..) from this experience.

Those who are interested can contact me via email.

I will be also online and we will set a Lync Meeting/aula virtuale or Skype call to talk about it. Just check the Online Schedule!

Looking forward to hearing from You, 

Cristina Santini, PhD.